Daniel Craig has signed up to play James Bond once again and has agreed to play every single character in the upcoming 007 movie.

There has been a lot of debate as to who will fill the role of 007, after Craig claimed that he’d “rather slash my wrists than play James Bond again”.

However, the Hollywood star finally acquiesced when he was offered a reported $150m fee to reprise his role as the world’s most famous secret agent.

One of the stipulations of the contract is that Craig has to play every single character in the as yet untitled film, in order to keep casting costs as low as possible.

“I’m up for the challenge,” said Craig.

“To be honest, I started preparing for this a few Bonds ago when Judi was offering me acting advice.

“I’d offer a wry quip when staring at M’s desk and then dash round the table, sit in the chair and arch one eyebrow, just in time for the camera to pan over to me as a brand new character.”

Eddie Murphy has volunteered his services as an acting coach, drawing on his experience playing multiple roles in The Nutty Professor, The Nutty Professor II and Norbit.

“Producers wanna get their money’s worth, see?” said Murphy.

“Ain’t no sense paying all that money to more people if you’ve already got a star!”