Virgin Trains is to reverse its decision to stop selling the Daily Mail on its West Coast services.

Virgin Group boss Sir Richard Branson said he has instructed the company to restock the paper while a review takes place.

At the time, the Daily Mail said the decision not to stock the paper was “disgraceful” and that Virgin Trains were “censoring the choice of newspapers it offers to passengers”.

The Daily Mail said it welcomed the lifting of the ban as it demonstrated “support for freedom of speech” but said that it would be disgraceful if The Guardian was ever on sale.

“The Guardian is a left-wing rag that has no place in a civilised society,” said a Mail spokesman.

“We urge Sir Richard Branson to continue to ban it from Virgin Trains.

“The Guardian still advocates staying in the EU despite the people of the UK voting overwhelmingly to leave.

“We welcome Sir Richard Branson’s support for the Daily Mail, which is a cornerstone of our democracy. Anyone who buys The Guardian is an enemy of the people.”

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