The communist, terrorist sympathiser, former Czech spy and anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn should be horrified at only winning 1000 more council seats than the sitting government, according to the BBC.

“Given the amount of national media support surrounding the opposition party in the run up to the local elections, these results should be truly humbling,” explained Laura Kuenssberg, the political editor of BBC News.

“Take a look back at Tony Blair’s performance that lead to his landslide victory of ’97. Corbyn should be immensely embarrassed by only winning more seats than every other party combined by such a small margin.

“Of course, Blair hadn’t done that Afghanistan bit yet, the media were still on his side and the public were unaware what a massive turd he’d turn out to be, but I think we can all agree that winning isn’t really winning unless it’s by a record-breaking majority.”

Kuenssberg continued her thoughts.

“Sad, sad, sad, Mr Corbyn.”

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