As the Cleveland Browns head towards an inevitable 0-16 record, star cornerback Joe Haden rallied the locker room by reminding the younger players that it hasn’t always been like this.

“Some of these younger players have only ever known us as being the worst sports team in Cleveland by far,” said Haden, “but I told them that there was a happier time at the start of my career when the Indians and Cavs were just as bad as we were.”

The Cleveland Browns’ historically bad season has been made all the worse with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship and the Cleveland Indians reaching the World Series.

“Cleveland sports fans have had a taste of success,” explained the shutdown corner, “and that gives them unrealistic expectations about us actually being able to win a game.

“I remember when the Indians and Cavs sucked too and Cleveland fans were happy if we just lost in an entertaining fashion.

“Good times,” sighed Haden.

The Cleveland Browns have reportedly contacted Lebron James to ask if he will play quarterback and middle linebacker on the Cavs’ off days.

James is yet to return their call.


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