The phrase ‘Chinaman spinner’ has been deemed “sexist and racist” by the Western Australia Cricket Association who are calling for cricket to be more inclusive.

Christina Matthews, chief executive of the Western Australia Cricket Association, complained that the game was “disrespecting half the population” by “using terms such as ’12th man’, ‘batsman’, ‘fieldsman’ and ‘nightwatchman’.”

“And calling a left-arm wrist spinner a ‘Chinaman’ not only disrespects half the world’s population, it also disrespects a billion actual Chinese men.

“We demand that either female left-arm wrist spinners are called ‘Chinawomen’ or the cricket authorities come up with another more generic name like ‘left-arm wrist spinner’ or something like that.”

“This opens up a can of worms,” said an MCC spokesperson.

“Will captains still be permitted to ask a player to go and field at deep third man? Or will they just have to point in the general direction and hope that the fielder ends up in roughly the right place?

“And will a nightwatchman be referred to as a nightwatchwoman? I’m not sure you’re even allowed to suggest that people watch women at night.”