Charlie Rose is the latest powerful white celebrity man accused of sexual harassment and it’s making people throw up in their mouths.

“When I heard that Charlie Rose was walking around the PBS set nude, I threw up in my mouth a little,” said Bette Linder, a former set designer for PBS.

“Just the thought of his saggy ball skin flopping around the set makes me feel dizzy, in a bad way.”

Many of Rose’s accusers are claiming the CBS anchor would regularly wash himself with a sponge and water in front of female coworkers,

“This is understandable if you’re living in the old west or the late 1800s but in 2017 there really is no excuse,” explained an anonymous coworker from CBS.

“Although, he always seemed like the type of guy that would prefer looking at dirty magazines from the 1960s instead of exposing himself. But I guess he was a modern, creepy guy all along.”

Rose has also been accused of lewd comments to women, calling them names such as “hairy tits”, “gigantor tush” and “Miss Farty Pants”

Even the accusers admitted the names were more confusing than hurtful.

“He usually wrote the names on little pieces of paper and then passed them to women,” said one of Rose’s accusers.

“They’d usually contain a message at the bottom saying ‘Do you like me in that way?’”

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