Film undergraduates at Cambridge University have been warned that the work of Laurel and Hardy contains violence that they may find distressing.

Medical students were also warned that their anatomy class may contain blood and nudity.

This follows the news that Cambridge Literature students have been issued “trigger warnings” that alert them as to which lectures on Shakespeare contain scenes of sex and violence that they could find upsetting.

“An awful lot of people die in HamletMacbeth is a bloodbath,” said Julie Sanders, a Cambridge University student counsellor.

“We have a duty of care to warn the undergraduates, especially the younger ones.”

One English Literature student explained why he wasn’t familiar with Shakespeare’s work.

“The front cover of the books on the curriculum sometimes featured a dagger, so I stayed well clear of that,” explained John Chesterson.

“Instead, I did my A-Level dissertation on the societal metaphors of Grand Theft Auto.”

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