Another movie star has joined the ever-growing list of actors accused of sexual harassment, as two ex-interns have accused C-3PO of “acting inappropriately” on the set of Star Wars.

The droid actor became a family favourite when the Star Wars franchise took off, appearing in many of the sequels and prequels.

But according to the testimonies of two women who were working as runners on the set of George Lucas’s cult classic sci-fi film, this was just a facade to cover C-3PO‘s lascivious tendencies.

“He would be all camp British charm and unthreatening gestures when the cameras were rolling,” explained one tearful ex-employee of Lucasfilm.

“But as soon as we’d cut, he’d light up a cigar, pour bourbon into his fuel pipe and demand a back rub from the nearest female runner.”

“He asked me into his hotel room and said he wanted to show me some dance moves that he was working on for his spin-off exercise video,” said another women who was hoping to climb the ranks in film production by working for free on set.

“To be fair, he did a pretty great ‘robot’; however, he then got in the shower and asked me to watch him ‘just in case he short-circuited’.

“The only way I managed to escape was by poking his power button with a broom handle.”

When asked why she has waited forty years to tell her story, the production assistant’s response was clear.

“I didn’t want to harm my career. I knew the power he wielded.”

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