British clothing brand Burberry announced this week they will create a Donald Trump-inspired line of extra small luxury gloves for men.

“We all know how very, very small and delicate Trump’s hands are, so we thought there must be other men out there with tiny hands as well. Not many will have as small as his, but at least a few,” said Burberry head designer, Jean Lacroix.

“Creating gloves small enough to fit Trump’s extremely small, delicate, toddler-like hands and fingers was actually a very difficult challenge. It was almost like creating gloves for a child’s doll.”

According to Burberry the new line of men’s gloves are slated to come in three colors: Emasculating Teal, Lil’ Cutie Cream and Tiny Penis Purple.

The designers are also hoping that the line will be adopted by parents to outfit their young children.


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