While newly acquired Brooklyn Nets point guard D’Angelo Russell has struggled on the basketball court, there’s been one area he’s excelled in – secretly filming teammates in order to expose their infidelities.

Russell is taking his knack for completely exposing and throwing people under the bus to cable television, as the new host for the popular show “Cheaters”.

Of course, Russell won’t tell any of his teammates about his new TV role until he’s properly gained their trust and they’ve shared intimate information about their relationships with him.

“D’Angelo is extremely excited to be joining the Cheaters team,”said Russell’s agent, Aaron Tallier.

“He thinks of himself as a sort of infidelity sommelier, being able to sense when someone is banging someone that’s not their wife.”

Russell credits his ability to be almost invisible on the court as aiding him to get closer to teammates.

“Since I never really score or assist or rebound or defend, players sort of just forget I’m even there,” added an excited Russell.

“So, like, they’ll say things around me and not even know I’m listening, but the secret is, I am.”

Russell is said to be taking no salary for his new role as host and is doing it just for the love of ruining relationships and the euphoria he feels from being a genuinely annoying and awful person.


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