After nearly knocking out the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional Playoffs game, Brock Osweiler turned his attention to renegotiating his contract.

Osweiler, who signed a $72 million 4-year contract with the Houston Texans last offseason, feels that even though he is still in the first year of the contract, he has outperformed it and deserves a pay rise.

“After leading Denver to a Super Bowl win last year, I thought Houston was the right place for me to bring my skills.

“When we lost our second best player, J.J. Watt in Week 3, a lot of people thought we were doomed,” explained the star quarterback.

“But I dragged us into the playoffs, knocked out the red hot Raiders and came within a whisker of beating the Super Bowl favorites.

“I mean, Denver didn’t even get into the playoffs without me! I should really be MVP.”


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