Britain First have agreed to fund and host Donald Trump’s UK state visit after the US President has fallen out of favour with Theresa May.

This follows Trump’s retweeting of three of their videos that depict Muslims committing violent crimes and destroying an effigy of the Virgin Mary, leading to many UK politicians calling for his state visit to be cancelled.

“We’d be more than happy to have Donald stay in the BF headquarters in Kent,” said Paul Golding, the leader of Britain First.

“It’s a converted barn with a pitch-and-putt next door. He’ll love it.”

The ex-BNP councillor has been banned from entering mosques after several criminal convictions for breaching the peace and religious harassment over the last three years.

“We can still drive past and throw eggs at them,” enthused Golding.

“There’s nothing to stop us doing that. It’s in the Constitution.”

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