A group of university friends spent their entire ‘boys’ weekend in Rome’ drinking in an Irish Bar opposite their hotel.

The gang had planned the reunion for over a year, but when they got there they arrived at the Eternal City, they headed straight to the local Irish Pub, O’Mulligans, for a celebratory beer.

One turned into two and before they knew it, it was 8pm.

“We needed to get some chow,” explained Tommy Crawford, a Business Studies graduate, “but Dave doesn’t like Italian food, so we all had a burger in the pub.

“Then Kev got the Tequilas in and next thing we know it’s two in the morning and we’re rolling drunk back to the hotel.”

The next morning, the boys were booked in to see the Vatican but, feeling rough and waiting for Dave to emerge from the hotel bathroom where he had spent the whole morning being sick, they went back to the familiar and welcoming surroundings of O’Mulligans for an all-day breakfast and a pint of Guinness to recover, before staying on for happy hour and karaoke.

“We didn’t see all that we wanted,” conceded Tommy, “but there was a picture of the Colosseum in the bar and some really fit Italian birds.

“It actually turned out they were from Liverpool, but they were definitely hot.”