Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said that he needs a plane to help him travel the world and promote the UK’s interests.

From next year, he will have his own Spitfire which is being modified to his personal specifications.

“A Spitfire is the perfect aeroplane to advertise what made Britain great,” said the Foreign Secretary.

“It is respected around the world”

Cabinet members and the Royal Family can use the RAF Voyager for official business but Mr Johnson said it “never seems to be available”.

“Prince Charles always seems to be using it for some jaunt,” complained Boris.

“If it isn’t him it’s Prince Andrew going off on a golf trip with his mates.

“I wanted to use the Voyager for my recent South American trip but Fergie and her daughters had booked it for a hen party trip for Princess Eugenie.

“Whenever I complain, they just say RAF stands for the Royal Air Force so that’s why they get priority.”

The Foreign Secretary continued his thoughts.

“I need my own Brexit plane and the customised Spitfire will be perfect.”

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