Boris Becker has announced a sensational comeback to the Wimbledon Championships this year in order to pay off his ever-increasing debts.

The 49-year-old six-time champion instantly became one of the favorites in a wide-open field.

Novak Djokovic is struggling, Andy Murray just lost in the first round of Queens, Roger Federer is past his peak and Rafael Nadal is likely to suffer ligament damage at any time.

Becker insists that he is entering the tournament to win and for the love of the game and not in a desperate attempt to secure the prize money now that he has been declared bankrupt.

“I’m just going to turn up on day one and play hard with my Wilson racket, in my Nike shoes before driving off in my fantastic new German-engineered Mercedes Benz,” explained Becker.

“Hey guys, any chance of an endorsement deal? I’ll need the cash up front.”


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