Bob Geldof is asking people to give their money once again by buying his latest charity single, this time to raise funds for the ailing EU.

The song is a variation on his Christmas Band Aid classic and will be called Do They Know It’s Brexit?.

As always, Geldof has assembled an impressive array of singing stars, including Paloma Faith, One Direction, Enrique Iglesias, Jose Iglesias, Los Del Rio (of Macarena fame), Angela Merkel and Tony Blair.

Most of the superstars were in tears as Geldolf showed them a video of closing Greek banks, struggling German BMWs and a Frenchman running out of Merlot at lunchtime.

Geldof spoke passionately about the EU cause.

“I know they are getting £50 billion from the UK divorce settlement, but it’s not enough,” explained the former Boomtown Rats star.

“We need more.

“When I released Do They Know It’s Christmas for the Labour Party last year, I knew it would do some good, but even I could not have foreseen it turning Labour into a legitimate threat for power and Jeremy Corbyn into a literal rock star.

“Hopefully I can produce something similar for those poor UKless Europeans.

Geldof continued his thoughts.

“There won’t be snow in southern France this Christmas time,” explained a grim Geldof.

“The greatest gift they’ll get this year is wine.”

Bono will also be involved in this charitable crusade, singing his immortal line, “Well tonight thank God it’s them, still in the EU.”

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