After the cancelation of The O’Reilly Factor, it took the show’s host Bill O’Reilly less than a week to find his next job – local weather woman for Denver’s WPGN news.

“Bill is thoroughly excited to join the WPGN news team as their only female meteorologist on staff,” says O’Reilly’s manager Dan Geeling.

“He really wanted to challenge himself in his next endeavor, and with the controversy he is emerging from, he figured what better way than to reach out to the female community than by becoming one.”

When asked if O’Reilly will transition fully to a woman, beyond the beautiful dresses and high heels he has promised to wear during the broadcasts, the broadcaster’s team is playing close to the vest.

“It’s up to Bill how far to go. We will say though, we’ve all seen how committed he is to every job he has ever had,” said Jessica Besley, director of PR for O’Reilly.

“So, if the past in any indication of things to come then the chances are pretty good.”