Controversial political pundit Bill O’Reilly has signed on with Fox News to host a brand new type of show for the network.

“Bill’s new show will break typical talk show conventions,” says Fox News producer Pete Harris.

“Unlike his peers’ programs, Bill will never have guests on; instead, he will have heated debates between the multiple angry personalities that live inside him.”

Another way in which O’Reilly’s new broadcast will break from convention is that it won’t feature any cameras filming the famously surly social commentator.

“We wanted to try a whole new format where we wouldn’t actually film Bill at all. We’ll just sit him in a room and let him talk to himself for 50 minutes,” added Eric Wells, executive producer of the show.

“They’ll be someone saying ‘action’ and ‘cut’, but for the most part he’ll just be alone behind a desk yelling at himself.

“We think that this could make for an intriguing show that no one will ever have to watch or listen to.”


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