After his recent dismissal from Fox News, Bill O’Reilly has issued an apology to the world for being Bill O’Reilly.

The recent firing of the Fox News anchor didn’t come as much of a shock to anyone, considering Bill O’Reilly’s history of being Bill O’Reilly.

“While the sexual harassment charges played a part in his dismissal, Bill understands that the main reason he was let go was because he was Bill O’Reilly,” says Fox News Executive Producer Eric Elver.

“Anyone who knows Bill will knows how awful a human he is, and no one knows that better than Bill.”

“For the last decade I refused to keep mirrors in my home, which really helped me forget that I was Bill O’Reilly,” commented O’Reilly.

“But the other day I saw my reflection in a sliding glass door and remembered who I was.

“Once I realized I was Bill O’Reilly, I thought I owed an apology to the world for being Bill O’Reilly.”