Barack Obama has applied for a medical marijuana card that he is going to “make full use of” after he leaves the White House this month, it has been reported.

The card will allow the President to purchase, grow and smoke small quantities of marijuana in certain US states.

Obama has always been in favor of legalizing marijuana, insisting that it should be treated like cigarettes and alcohol, both of which he also loves.

“When the Iraq thing was kicking off, there’s nothing I’d have liked more than to crack open a frosty one, light a Newport and telling the world to go swivel.

“But that would not have been Presidential.”

In August 2016, Obama was apparently “furious” at his eldest daughter Malia after she was filmed smoking weed at a Lollapalooza after-party, but explained that his anger was directed at the fact that she was not sharing her joint.

“I’ve raised the children to be social smokers. We puff, we puff again and then we give!”

Stoking rumors that he will relocate to America’s ‘greenest’ state, Obama discussed plans for for when Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States.

“Come January 20th, I’m blowing this hot dog stand, heading straight to a Cali dispensary and buying the biggest bag of Purple Kush that my favorite law allows.

“And Donald will have to deal with whatever I decide to leave floating in the master bedroom’s en suite.

“Obama out.”


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