Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are battling over who will get custody of Donald Trump Jr. following their bitter divorce.

This follows the recent allegations in Michael Wolff’s book Fire And Fury that the President’s former Chief Strategist called Trump’s involvement with Russia “treasonous” and claims that Ivanka Trump mocks her father’s hairstyle behind his back.

Trump Jr. tends to side with his father but Bannon thinks that he would shine under his guidance at his right-wing news outlet Breitbart Media.

“Donald isn’t playing to his strengths in the White House; I’d set him up as Breitbart’s Russian Liaison Officer,” explained Bannon.

“Donald can have the house; I just want the kids. They’re not safe around that maniac.”

The President is not keen on allowing Bannon custody of Trump Jr.

“No way is he taking Donnie,” declared Trump.

“He can have Ivanka and I’ll throw in Eric’s Twitter account. And that’s my final offer.”

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