Baseball season is upon us and Mook SportĀ is looking at some early contenders for the American League and National League MVP awards.


1. Mike Trout

Mook News - Mike Trout

The reigning AL MVP is, in our opinion, the best player in baseball, a true five-tool superstar. The only problem is, his team really sucks and it can only be a matter of time before he demands a trade to the team he has dreamed about playing for his whole life: the Philadelphia Eagles.

Most people don’t understand why Trout isn’t intentionally walked every single time. But we do, and it relates to our next AL MVP candidate…


2. Albert Pujols

Mook News - Albert Pujols

Mook is predicting a rebound for the 54-year-old Dominican slugger. We can see him finally living up to that 24-year $4.2 billion contract he signed with the Angels and producing a 70-homer season.


3. Alex Rodriguez

Mook News - Alex Rodriguez

The retired All-Star third baseman won’t be able to resist rejoining the Yankees in 2017. Reportedly, A-Rod has been working out in ‘The Lab’ for the last six months and we can’t wait to see what the results are.


4. Tim Tebow

Mook News - Tim Tebow

The Mets’ star outfielder dominated in spring training and it can be only a matter of time before the Mets bring him up to the majors to boost tickets sales.

We’re predicting a big season for Tebow, with 20 Home Runs, 20 Steals, 12 Touchdowns and only nine interceptions a real possibility.


5. Russell Wilson

Mook News - Russell Wilson

Keep an eye on this rangy Texas Rangers second baseman. Wilson has been distracted by football over the past few years, but we expect all that to change in 2017.


6. Tom Brady

Mook News - Tom Brady

The Prince of Darkness has spared baseball from his dominance so far, but having achieved all there is to achieve in the NFL, it can only be a matter of time before he becomes a dominant starter for the Boston Red Sox. We predict 20 wins, 280 strike outs and some seriously deflated baseballs.


7. Sam Malone

Mook News - Ted Danson

This former dominant relief pitcher has had a few years out of the game while he was running a bar. If he can keep away from the women and liquor, we can see him racking up 50 saves this year.


8. Kenny Powers

Mook News - Kenny Rogers

Another relief pitcher with major substance abuse issues. Powers has reportedly cleaned himself up over the off season and his velocity is back up to former heights. We can see Powers producing 45 saves, 32 ejections and 14 bench-clearing brawls to take the coveted MVP award.

Have we missed anybody off the list? Discuss in the Comments section below.