There has been public uproar over the recent ban of certain items on UK flights to and from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

We can now reveal the definitive list of what passengers are not allowed to take with them as cabin luggage when travelling to and from these countries.

Bureaucracy gone mad or a sensible level of caution? You decide.


8. Tamagotchis

Mook News - Tamagotchis

Retro kids of the ’90s despair! You’ll have to get a friend to look after your electronic pet while you’re away, as the government have deemed these electronic devices too dangerous to take on board a plane to the Middle East.


7. Bad language

Mook News - Bad Language

Enjoy dropping F-bombs and cuss words while flying at 40,000 ft? Oh no, any swearing or vulgar language will have to be left in the UK, ready for you to pick up when you land back in Blighty.


6. Overhead Projectors

Mook News - Overhead Projector

You’re up against a tight deadline but you know that if you get your slideshow up on that big screen, you may just convince the client in Turkey to give you and your team an extension. Well, we hope you’ve packed your chalkboard because as of now there’s no way that British airlines will be letting you take your overhead projector with you as hand luggage!


5. Camembert

Mook News - Camembert

Justice Secretary Liz Truss made headlines last year after labelling the fact that the UK imports two-thirds of our cheese “a disgrace”. Well Liz, a lot more of the dairy produce will be staying in the country now that your government has gone and banned Camembert from UK – Middle East flights. Happy now?


4. Angela Merkel

Mook News - Angela Merkel

If you’re planning on bringing Angela Merkel as a travelling companion on any UK flight to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, think again. The German Chancellor is now deemed to dangerous to fly to these zones and has been completely blacklisted.


3. Your Oxen

Mook News - Oxen

Wave goodbye to the carefree days when you could load your oxen onto a British Airways flight and jet off to an exotic location, safe in the knowledge that they’d be with you in the cabin for the entire journey. These large farmyard animals are now banned from travelling with passengers, no matter how necessary they may be.


2. Non-Regulation Nail Bombs

Mook News - Nail bomb

The maximum size for any nail bombs now allowed on UK flights to the Middle East are 15cm x 18cm x 5cm. If your nail bomb is even a millimetre over, you will be stopped at the airport and will have to post it to an address of your choosing. So measure before you fly!


1. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Mook News - 50 Shades Of Grey

Well, we all saw this coming.


For better or worse, these are the new rules and we all have to stick by them if we want to travel to those six countries.

Is the UK government being too heavy-handed? Or are they displaying an admirable level of caution, given the current political climate? 

Let us know what you think in the Comments section below!