Donald Trump is perhaps the most controversial President to hold office in the United States of America and many don’t think that he’ll last his first term.

But what will be the reason for Trump’s Presidency ending?

We assess the seven most likely reasons.


7. He resigns to rescue The Apprentice’s ratings

Mook News - Donald Trump

Trump really loved that show and to see it in the (much larger) hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger must be heartbreaking. Perhaps he’ll return to Terminate him?


6. World War 3

Mook News - Nuclear Bomb

If Trump keeps pushing people’s buttons, he may have to push The Button!


5. Russia withdraws funding

Mook News - Vladimir Putin

How else could a six-times bankrupt steak salesman win the Presidency?


4. The FBI analyze Caitlyn Jenner’s blue dress

Mook News - Caitlyn Jenner

What happens in the Oval Office does not always stay in the Oval Office.


3. World War 4

Mook News - Atomic Bomb

He’d definitely double down.


2. Steve Bannon announces that he’s ready to take over

Mook News - Steve Bannon

“Step aside, Donnie; it’s big boy time.”


1. He converts to Islam

Mook News - Mosque

We all know he wants to.


These are undoubtedly the seven most likely reasons for Donald Trump’s Presidency ending; but what about the eighth? Or the ninth?

Let us know your best guesses in the Comments section below!