There’s a media circus surrounding who will be cast as the new James Bond and it shows no sign of coming to an end any time soon. However, we can reveal the shortlist of six of the producers’ favorites for the role of the world’s most famous secret agent .

There are two Englishman, a Scot, a Welshman, an Irishman and even an Australian!

Here are the six actors that are tipped to play the next James Bond.

  1. Sean Connery

    Mook News - Sean Connery

This Scottish actor is known for his quick temper and adventurous costumes – could he be the next 007?


2. Roger Moore

Mook News - Roger Moore

A handsome English actor that made his name in the television show The Saint – does he have what it takes to fill Bond’s shoes?


3. George Lazenby

Mook News - George Lazenby

This Australian star is a bit of an outside chance, not least he’s from the other side of the world!


4. Timothy Dalton

Mook News - Timothy Dalton

The people’s choice. If there’s any justice, this hard-working thespian will bring his acting clout to the role.


5. Pierce Brosnan

Mook News - Pierce Brosnan

This silver fox is known for sharp suits, cocktails and beautiful women so it makes sense for him to play Bond…or does it?


6. Daniel Craig

Mook News - Daniel Craig

Phew! If the producers want to make half the audience faint with pleasure and the other half seethe with jealousy, they’ll cast this musclebound dreamboat!


So folks, these are your choices – which one do you think deserves to be poured into a tuxedo and given a licence to kill?


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