We all know that Anderson Cooper and Donald Trump have never been the best of friends, but if it came down to it, who would win in a fight? Our money is on the Commander-in Chief.

Mook News has teamed up with Swipe Fighter Heroes to pit these divisive figures against each other in the ultimate battle between Left and Right.

You can choose to control either Donny or Andy as the two characters beat seven shades of sugar out of each other with a wicked variety of kicks, punches and killer-combos.

If you’d like to see how it plays out, download the free app on iOS and Google Play and watch these two titans of political integrity settle their differences once and for all.

Here’s why we think Trump has the upper, uh, hand.

1. Trump’s gigantic hands

We’ll start with the most obvious of The Donald’s advantages – his enormous hands. You think Anderson’s getting up after being walloped with one of those dinner plates? Think again.


2. Anderson would play the pacifist card

“Look, let’s just talk about this, OK? Hold on, I’ll get my recorder switched on, there we go, great little device, early Christmas present from my wife, now, Donald, where do you think this animosity comes fro-” BANG! Trump swings a manicured fist to Cooper’s face and it’s all over. That’s how it would go down.


3. Trump grew up in Queens

Sure, it might have been in his Dad’s million-dollar mansion, but he certainly learned a thing or two about fighting from eavesdropping on the pool boy and his buddies talking about their Friday nights. (He had them all fired for talking on the job.)


4. The President’s unnatural camouflage

Like all good showdowns, this fight would be at sunset; Donald’s tangerine tinge would come to his rescue, as he could hide in the burnt orange glow of the setting sun and then pop out with a roundhouse kick and a furious cry of, “STOP DOING INTERVIEWS WITH PORN STARS WHO I MAY OR MAY NOT OF SLEPT WITH!”

Do you agree that Donald Trump would whoop Anderson Cooper’s ass? Or would the liberal media jockey get red rage and kick the President’s ass?

Throw your hat in the ring by downloading the game for free on iOS and Google Play.