NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has announced that this year’s playoffs will be, “Pretty good, probably not the best, but not that bad.”

The very conservative outlook for the playoffs comes after a season that Silver has described as, “OK, not the best, but alright.”

“It would’ve been nice to see some more off-the-court antics, like Mark Cuban trying to cheat with a technology-enhanced ball,” added Silver.

“Or maybe Lebron announcing he was going back to Miami on April Fools’, but whatever, the season was fine.”

An anonymous assistant coach agreed with this assessment.

“Most years, we have all these fun things to distract us from actually playing the game. But, this year we had nothing,” said the coach.

“We even tried secretly giving the opposing teams steroids in their water bottles, but even that didn’t cause a stir.”

NBA fans are hoping that the playoffs will make up for the regular season.

“Without all the other stuff happening off the court, you start to realize that these guys are just throwing an orange ball into a basket,” said Bill Jennings, a life-long Phoenix Suns fan.

“A pretty big basket.”

In an online poll, most basketball fans agreed with Jennings’ statement, although concurred that even without the off-court excitement, it’s still way better than hockey.