Amy Schumer has refused to shrink herself to 11.5 inches tall for her role in the new Barbie movie on moral grounds, it has been announced.

The famously outspoken comedienne slammed producers at Mattel for expecting her to shrink down to 11.5 inches tall, the height of a standard Barbie doll, because it sets an unrealistic goal for young girls.

“Barbie’s height is totally unachievable for most women.”

The feminist star is a champion of body positivity.

“I’m proud of my height and I don’t want to change it. Listen, maybe I’ll go to two feet. That’s as short as any regular woman, great genetics notwithstanding, can realistically hope to shrink to.

But no one, especially not a bigoted and patriarchal society, should tell you that you should be 11.5 inches tall. No one.”


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