A recent Mook survey has confirmed that over 108% of office discussions are either about the World Cup or ITV reality show Love Island.

The World Cup has been timed perfectly so far, so that as the last World Cup game of the evening finishes, the intellectual and thought-provoking drama of Love Island begins.

The Mook survey suggested that on one side of the office people were discussing Lionel Messi’s lack of impact in the World Cup and on the other side of the office people were discussing Dr Alex’s lack of impact with the ladies.

However, what has apparently led to the unbelievably high figure is a number of conversations is select crossover discussions in which workers have been speculating how Cristiano Ronaldo and Olivier Giroud would fare on Love Island and also whether Wes or Jack would be better than Raheem Sterling.

“It’s a staggeringly high percentage of conversations,” stated Mook News researcher Tim Day.

“But really, what else are people going to talk about this summer? The weather?”

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