After Liam Neeson announced his retirement from action films yesterday, many thought it would be the end for the ‘Taken’ franchise; however, 20th Century Fox is simply taking the films in a new direction.

Taken 4 will be filmed next year and still feature Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, but after some hasty script rewrites it will now be a romantic comedy with Richard Curtis signed on to direct.

The plot will revolve around Mills’ daughter Kim’s wedding, with Taylor Swift playing the role of Kim and Tom Hiddleston taking on the character of her fiancé, an upper-middle class English gentleman who is also called Tom Hiddleston.

Hiddleston starts to have doubts in respect of marrying Kim, but when he does a runner, Neeson calls him and informs him that he, “Will look for him, find him and make him marry his daughter.”

Mook News - Taken 3

Taken 3’s sequel: “A cross between Taken and Love Actually.”

Later, Hiddleston’s friends stage a fake kidnap of Kim in order to celebrate Mills’ former antics.

Unfortunately, Mills does not realise it is a practical joke and slaughters six of them.

When Mills realises his mistake, the characters who are left alive reconcile and have a cake fight in a hilarious epilogue.

Neeson is excited about the project.

“It’s going to be a fantastic cross between Taken and Love Actually,” enthused the Hollywood star.

“And who wouldn’t want to see that movie?”

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