Following her complaints about the four Aberaeron carnival revellers who “blacked up” to look like a Jamaican bobsleigh team, Labour candidate Dinah Mulholland has said that Laurence Olivier must have been a racist.

“Blacking up to play Othello was clearly a racist act and must have caused a huge amount of offence,” said Ms Mulholland, who stood for Labour at the last general election.

“Laurence Olivier should be retrospectively stripped of his knighthood and his life peerage.”

At the Aberaeron carnival, four men covered themselves in black body paint and Lycra bodysuits to dress up as characters from the hit 1993 comedy Cool Runnings.

The men drove through the streets of the Welsh seaside town of Aberaeron as part of its carnival parade on a farm vehicle, with a wooden model of a bobsleigh attached to the digger.

A spokeswoman for the Dyfed-Powys Police said that they looking into allegations of racism which occurred at the carnival on Monday, August 28th.

“We are investigating a perceived hate incident. That’s right. A. Perceived. Hate. Incident.”

“Their choice of fancy dress is totally unacceptable and probably illegal,” said Ms Mulholland.

“There is no doubt that offence has been caused because I’m offended. In fact I’m utterly horrified.”


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